Tree Service Fleet Repair & Maintenance Service in North New Jersey

Specialized Care for Bucket Trucks, Hydraulic Systems, Tree Chippers, Cranes, and More!


Our Commitment:

At Driven Fleet Services, we’re committed to quality, reliability, and timely service. When your vehicles need us most, our mobile repair units are ready to meet you where you are – reducing downtime and getting you back to business.

Ready to enhance the performance and longevity of your tree service fleet? Contact Driven Fleet Services today and experience unparalleled service dedicated to keeping you ahead of the competition.

Tree Service Repair & Maintenance serving Northern New Jersey

Welcome to Driven Fleet Services – Your Premier Partner in Tree Service Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.

In the demanding field of tree service, your vehicles are your lifeline. Driven Fleet Services understands the unique needs of tree service professionals. Our specialized repair and maintenance services ensure that your hydraulic systems, tree chipper, cranes, and heavy-duty trucks are operating at their peak performance.

Why Choose Driven Fleet Services?

  • Dedicated Hydraulic Expertise: Whether it’s a complex hydraulic system repair or routine hydraulic maintenance, our certified technicians bring years of experience to manage all your hydraulic needs efficiently.
  • Tree Chipper Service Specialists: From preventative maintenance that keeps your chipper running smoother, longer, to expert repair services that minimize downtime, we ensure your equipment is always ready for the job.
  • Crane & Boom Truck Care: We provide comprehensive crane and boom truck repair and maintenance, ensuring the safety and reliability of your essential lifting equipment.
  • Heavy-Duty Knowledge: Logging truck maintenance and heavy-duty repair aren’t just services we offer; they’re our specialty. With tailored services for heavy-duty vehicles, we keep your fleet driving forward.
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance: Your dump trucks and chipper blades are vital components of your fleet. Our team’s meticulous repair and thorough maintenance protocols mean you can rely on your equipment day in and day out.

Our Services for Tree Companies includes Preventative Maintenance & Repair for:

  • Hydraulic
  • Tree Chipper
  • Logging Truck
  • Heavy Duty
  • Boom Truck
  • Chip Dump
  • Dump Truck

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On-Site, Mobile and In Shop repair and maintenance for Northern New Jersey Area.