When your truck breaks down, getting it fixed quickly and correctly is a top priority. That’s why choosing a reliable, high-quality truck repair shop, like Driven Fleet Services, is key. While large national chains may seem like the obvious option, local truck repair shops actually tend to offer better service and value. Here’s why it’s smarter to use a local shop:

  1.  Specialized Expertise

Shops like Driven Fleet Services focus exclusively on truck repairs, rather than cars and other types of vehicles. Our technicians specialize specifically in complex truck issues like diesel engine problems, refrigeration unit malfunctions, trailer connection failures, and more. We have the specialized tools, diagnostic equipment, and hands-on experience necessary to expertly maintain the trucks in your fleet.

2.  Better Relationships & Accountability

Driven Fleet Services relies heavily on word-of-mouth and repeat customers from the community to stay in business. This means we have more incentive to provide excellent customer service and do the job right the first time.  Over time, we become familiar with your truck’s history, your preferences, and your specific requirements. This familiarity enables us to provide personalized recommendations, preventive maintenance advice, and even prioritize your repairs during busy periods. There is also more personal accountability—if something goes wrong, you know exactly who to talk to.

3.  Lower Prices

National chains boast about affordability, but their prices are often inflated well beyond what repair work actually costs. At Driven Fleet Services we have less overhead expenses to contend with, passing significant savings down to customers. And because our technicians have years of experience specific to trucks, they can diagnose problems quicker and fix it faster as well.

  1. Flexibility and Quick Turnaround

Driven Fleet Services can often offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling repairs and accommodating emergencies. Compared to national repair services, we can be more agile and responsive to your immediate needs. We understand the importance of keeping your truck on the road, minimizing downtime, and ensuring your business operations run smoothly. This flexibility, coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction, can result in quicker turnaround times for repairs, saving you valuable time and money

In conclusion, choosing DFS over a national repair service offers numerous benefits. From receiving personalized attention and support to contributing to the growth of your community, the advantages are evident. The opportunity to build long-term relationships with your local repair shop ensures that your trucks receive the best care possible. So, next time your truck needs repair, consider DFS and experience the difference firsthand.